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I-1183, Where Do You Stand?

4 Nov


Nov. 8th Election!

I usually don’t talk about politics on my blog, but a particular issue on this year’s ballot has really caught my attention. If you live in Washington State, watch television or use social media regularly you probably guessed it, it’s I-1183!

Those who are voting yes on the Initiative say it will privatize the distribution and sale of liquor in Washington state, and provide hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues to state and local governments, and benefit Washington consumers, taxpayers and businesses — while strengthening regulations governing the sale of liquor. It also updates some laws regulating the wholesale distribution of wine (i.e. Costco).

Those in favor of a no vote say that one giant corporation is attempting to take over the state’s liquor system in order to make money, which completely ignores last year’s NO vote that over 1 million Washingtonians cast against liquor privatization measures. Their goal? Big corporate profits that jeopardize our public safety and put our communities at risk. They say it as another risky plan that will lead to more underage drinking and driving, since they claim 1 out of 4 convenient stores sell to minors.


YES on Initiative 1183 supporters say it will remove state government from the business of distributing and selling liquor – allowing the state to focus on enforcement of liquor laws
Their key focus claims to be on education, health care, and public safety. 

YES on I-1183 —Get the Facts Video

NO on Initiative 1183 supporters say this initiative will authorize—almost overnight—five times as many retailers. That means a nearly 50% increase in consumption, and an even larger increase in problem drinking, according to a Centers for Disease Control analysis. They claim their #1 standpoint is to “protect our communities” and that Initiative 1183 is still too high a price for a little more convenience.

NO on I-1183— Make the Responsible Choice Video

SO WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH??? Or better yet, which outcome would ACTUALLY do a better job at protecting our children and communities?

Naturally, several websites, Facebook groups, and YOUTube videos have sprouted for Washingtonians to voice their raw opinions regarding 1-1183:

Facebook- Yes on 1183


Facebook- NO on 1183

No on I-1183- WEBSITE

I, along with everyone else will be voting and anxiously waiting for the Nov. 8th election, a decision that could have potential huge changes and consequences to our state!

What do YOU think???