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Happy Hump Day!

26 Oct

It’s been about a month since my last post, I know shame on me. Fact is I’ve been extremely busy with my career search, the life of job applications and a series of interviews has been truly draining and as my mom says “is a job within itself”. Boy was mom ever right lol.

I wanted to take a second to do a mid-week check up on what has been happening in my neck of the woods where I live, Seattle. The closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct has affected a large majority of King County in some shape or form, especially those traveling through Seattle on a daily basis. Heading out to work Monday morning my route seemed unfazed by the closure, but my evening return home was another story! My route yesterday taking 2 Sound Transit busses from Edmonds to the U District took almost an hr 1/2! Here’s a picture of my view from the 45th St. Bridge in the U District.

View of downtown Seattle from the 45th St. Bridge in the U District 10/25/11 during the Alaskan Way Viaduct closure

I wondered why the commuting traffic was so much worse in the afternoon/evening than in the morning which a Seattle PI article attributed to more people leaving the office at once, and not as much staggered commuting as during the morning.

Of course the city is using this opportunity to promote the use of alternative commuting methods during these ten days. Drivers are encouraged to take the water taxi, public transportation or to carpool during this second round of construction Oct 21st-31st.

The Seattle P.I. did a story about the closure on their site:Viaduct Closure- Round 2

We’re halfway through, let’s see if more people jump on the public transportation bandwagon, you may actually find you like the money and time you spend on gas/driving! Sit back, relax, and let someone drive you for a change.