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The Day After Halloween

1 Nov

Apparently Christmas isn’t the only time for lights, LOVED the creativity and spunk in this video!

On a more serious note, the current “Occupy Wall Street” controversy that has stormed the nation has definitely hit downtown Seattle HARD. Passing by Westlake Center this past Sunday, I was shocked to see  an illuminated jack-o-lantern display taking over the area!

#occupyseattle jack-o-lantern display

#occupyseattle continues to trend on Twitter, and today I received an email as I’ve been part of a local social activism listserve since my freshman year of college. The message read:

Dear Seattle MoveOn member,

Tell Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn that First Amendment rights cannot and must not be superseded by local or state law.

That’s why I created a petition to Mayor McGinn on SignOn.org, which says:

We demand that you call off the police and that Occupy Seattle be allowed to exercise free speech and voice its opposition to corporate control by demonstrating in Westlake Park, which is in the city center where the targets of these protests—the multi-national corporations and banks—are located. We demand no restrictions on First Amendment rights to assemble, including attempts to seek protection from the weather, any time—day or night.

The Group has an online petition for people to sign, man would my 1st Amendment Professor at the University of Washington be interested in how the mayor is going to justify his use of police force during what is supposed to be a peaceful protest.

I always take a second the day after major events or holidays to reflect on what occurred the day before, in this example Halloween. Went to Bartell’s to get some snacks today, and was not surprised to already see Thanksgiving and Christmas items taking over the aisles. Guess this is also the best day of the year to actually buy and eat candy, the prices were abnormally cheap!

Day After Halloween Candy Discounts

BUT, flashing back to my sophomore year of college I remembered the two miserable root-canal experiences I had, and opted to not take advantage of the deals, not until I get a job with medical benefits at least lol