Communications Experience & Media Exposure

1. NEW DAY Northwest! This was on my last birthday, my mom, sister and I decided to start off the day as a part of the studio audience (there I am in the pink blazer). Here we are meeting Margaret Larson the amazing host of New Day Northwest (on King 5) after a show during the Fall 2011 season.  She’s so down to earth and I love that the show highlights what’s going on in the Pacific Northwest and especially Seattle!

2. That’s me speaking Spanish on the PALERMO RADIO FM 94.7 (Buenos Aires, AR) program titled:

“Hablemos De Relaciones Publicas”

An hour long talk segment with topics centered around public relations practices and careers in Buenos Aires and around the world. (2010)

For more information about the station or  program, visit (In Spanish)

Speaking Spanish on the radio in Buenos Aires

3. The Argentina study abroad group visiting w/ AAEs @ the Edelman office in Buenos Aires to talk about their company and the world of international public relations, that’s me in the back, second from the right! (2010)

4. PUBLIC SPEAKING- A speech I gave for fellow African-American graduates of the Univ. of Wa (2011)

5. Media Exposure- On the Air @ Seattle’s KRIZ 1620 A.M. to discuss an event I co-chaired for the student organization “Sisterhood” (2011)

6. Univ. of Wa Communication Department held its Celebration of Excellence annual scholarship ceremony this spring to honor the department’s scholarship award recipients. I was the sole recipient of the national and highly competitive Flip Wilson Memorial Scholarship for students pursuing a career in a communications related field. There I am on the front right edge of the stage! (2011)

To learn more about the awards or see photos from the ceremony, click the link below!

Com. Dept. Scholarship Awards Ceremony


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