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1 Jul


I’m currently working on some plans to refresh my blog and make it more relevant to what I have going on right now and new topics I want to write about.

Summer is a perfect time for me to do this because to me summer = FRESH, FUN & ENTERTAINING and that’s the direction I want to take things in with the blog. I originally started this one to have an online portfolio of my writing samples and relevant experiences that could help me advance in the field of Public Relations and Marketing. Starting the blog helped me earn my first REAL job a few months after graduating college because my employer had somewhere to look to learn more about me and what made me a strong candidate, as well as a glimpse into my personality.

I’m now at a crossroads where I am debating whether or not I would like to continue this blog and broaden the subject matter or if I would like to have a separate blog that would serve that purpose. In my opinion readers go to certain blogs/sites because it may fit a niche or specific subject matter they are looking for when they visit it. My PR and Marketing experience has taught me it’s all about finding your target audience and fostering a relationship with them while providing CONSISTENT material.

All that being said, it seems like the obvious answer would be to start a second blog that’s more focused on topics like food, fashion, lifestyle, events and entertainment. However the truth is it can get time consuming simply maintaining ONE blog—so we’ll see.

Either way, be on the lookout for new things to come in the coming weeks!