Catching Up With Me!

22 Jan

Hello All!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, so let me fill you in on what I’ve been doing lately!

2012 has already been off to a very busy start for me; working 2 part time jobs, doing freelance PR work, and attending events as part of the UW Department of Communication & Communication Alumni Board’s (of which Edgar Gonzalez is president) Professional Development Month (#UWPDM). To tell you a little about the latter, PDM is a month-long series of events hosted by the department that are geared around helping students and recent alumni prepare for and excel at communications-related careers. Themes are centered around topics such as interviewing techniques, networking tips, improving your digital media literacy, speed pitching, advice on starting your own business, etc.

As a recent alum trying to break into the professional workforce, these events have been immensely helpful in making meaningful connections/networking with communications faculty, peers, and professionals. Some of the professionals/mentors I’ve met so far include Art Thiel (sports journalist and cofounder of Sportspress NW), Candice Douglas (Director of Marketing and Communications for the UW’s College of Arts & Sciences), Elise Daniel (Head of UW Marketing) and Priya Frank (Individual Giving Coordinator for the UW World Series).

A fellow peer Krista Staudinger who writes for the UW News Lab (and ironically shares my first name) recently did a well written article about the kick off of the PDM events. You can find me in the background of the related photo and Krista also mentions me in her story —> Professional Development Month Kicks Off

There I am in the background, they happened to capture me at the refreshment table! =p

This past week’s snowstorm has unfortunately put a hold to some of the PDM events, forcing them to be cancelled or rescheduled. The show is back on for week 3, with many workshops I am excited for! The first is 1/23’s “International Opportunities” workshop about working/living abroad. Some others I plan to attend include (but not limited to):

  •  “How Media Work” —led by Lucas Mack (4th Ave Media) on presenting professional media projects
  • “How to Become a More Powerful Speaker” —led by Mary Anne Dorward (CEO My Real Voice)
  •  Mentor Lunch—with Stacey Engle the Director of Marketing (Fierce Inc.)


  • “Meet the Movers and Shakers in PR” —when I saw this one, it was a given that I would attend!

To learn more about the events and/or the professionals leading them, visit the UW Com Website


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