Are you too lazy, or too busy?

7 Jul

Find the original article here: Are you too lazy, or too busy?.

It’s so ironic that it has been less than 24hrs since the birth of my 1st blog and I stumble across today’s topic “Are you too lazy, or too busy?”. The question asks: Why is it so hard to find a balance? Do you know anyone who has a better balance than you do and what do you think their secret is?

I find myself often beating myself up for going more than one day in a row without being productive in some area of my life. Having always been involved in different activities, organizations, etc. from an early upbringing, I was forced to learn multi-tasking techniques to avoid a mental crisis and ultimately failure.

I find that one of the most important things that I have to remind myself is that laziness is only on the other side of the coin of busyness, the only elements separating them being mental willpower and ambition. For me, I am a visual, left-brained type personality that needs to write things down or see things to help me to better organize them. This results in a plethora of electronic sticky notes and to-do lists on my Macbook and a combination of my Android phone scheduler and my oversized calendar on my room wall to keep me on track with…LIFE. Call me obsessed with organization, but it’s my personal key to turning the thoughts of doing something that race around in my lazy head and transform them to action and into my life as a busy bee.

What are your personal techniques to going from procrastination to motivation?


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