1 Jul


I’m currently working on some plans to refresh my blog and make it more relevant to what I have going on right now and new topics I want to write about.

Summer is a perfect time for me to do this because to me summer = FRESH, FUN & ENTERTAINING and that’s the direction I want to take things in with the blog. I originally started this one to have an online portfolio of my writing samples and relevant experiences that could help me advance in the field of Public Relations and Marketing. Starting the blog helped me earn my first REAL job a few months after graduating college because my employer had somewhere to look to learn more about me and what made me a strong candidate, as well as a glimpse into my personality.

I’m now at a crossroads where I am debating whether or not I would like to continue this blog and broaden the subject matter or if I would like to have a separate blog that would serve that purpose. In my opinion readers go to certain blogs/sites because it may fit a niche or specific subject matter they are looking for when they visit it. My PR and Marketing experience has taught me it’s all about finding your target audience and fostering a relationship with them while providing CONSISTENT material.

All that being said, it seems like the obvious answer would be to start a second blog that’s more focused on topics like food, fashion, lifestyle, events and entertainment. However the truth is it can get time consuming simply maintaining ONE blog—so we’ll see.

Either way, be on the lookout for new things to come in the coming weeks!


A Dream 50 Years In the Making

18 Mar

Roger Ressmeyer 58 from Mercer Island, WA is one of the 20 finalists for the Seattle Space Needle’s “Space Race 2012” . Told he couldn’t become an astronaut in 1967 because of his diabetes, Roger opted to surround himself with by passion—becoming a space photographer for National Geographic. He also combined his hobby of creating model rockets with his love for giving back to the community by helping local 3rd graders launch their rockets and sharing their joy for space.

Now through the Space Needle’s “Space Race 2012” competition, Roger has a chance to win a sub-orbital space flight, but he needs your vote! Watch his entry video and then vote to send Roger Ressmeyer to space and help a dream 50 yrs in the making come true!

Vote for Roger’s entry via Facebook App “Space Race 2012”

Charging Plane Passengers Based On Size?—A PR Nightmare

12 Feb

Many of us who have traveled on flight have probably seen or experienced firsthand an awkward or unsavory airline situation at least once. Whether it’s the little boy behind you yelling because he’s not allowed his Nintendo below several thousand feet, or your neighbor who waits just until you hit REM sleep to ask for you let them through to use the restroom.

Having travelled internationally several times, I’ve been on some pretty long and occasionally uncomfortable flights in my life; some lasting 8, 10 and even 12 hours. My personal worst even though it was only 5 hrs was my experience being sandwiched between two strangers with the gentlemen on my right snoring/tilting his head on my shoulder while he napped and the other losing the battle with his deodorant. To add to the mix that both were of a “heavyset” build, this contributed to me losing the use of my armrests. So all things considered let’s just say I was never more happy to land than ever before.

But how would you handle it if for a 6 hr flight the passenger next to you took up 2/3 of your seat resulting in body to body contact for the duration of the flight? This is what Los Angeles’ Marsha St. Claire states happened during her flight in an article I read a while back in The Seattle Times titled “Dealing with overweight airline passengers.” A similar situation was reported by CNN last fall, A Travel Nightmare: Man Stands Throughout 7-Hr Flight in which case a man stood nearly his entire US Airways flight. If placed in a similar situation, is there a tactful (I use the term loosely) way for yourself and/or the airlines to handle it? I would personally hate to be the flight attendant who has to address the situation or be the PR person for the airlines—as the action of charging customers for seating according to their body size can never be handled gracefully. Just as interesting as the article comments was the author’s proposal on possible solutions, for example more thoughtful innovative plane designs that would consider the comfort of all passenger sizes.

“Each plane could have, say, one or two rows with two-by-two seating instead of the usual three-by-three configuration. Obese passengers could be pre-assigned these seats, either for the usual economy fare, or perhaps by paying a small premium. These seats wouldn’t enjoy any other special services or extra legroom, just extra width.”

While some airline companies already charge customers who will inhabit more than one seat, this new seat design idea is the most tactful and logical solution that would be a win-win-win (for the passenger, the airlines–who will get more $, and the neighbors who will get their full rightfully paid seat.

Pretending you are the CEO of an airline company, how would you handle the situation?

Catching Up With Me!

22 Jan

Hello All!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, so let me fill you in on what I’ve been doing lately!

2012 has already been off to a very busy start for me; working 2 part time jobs, doing freelance PR work, and attending events as part of the UW Department of Communication & Communication Alumni Board’s (of which Edgar Gonzalez is president) Professional Development Month (#UWPDM). To tell you a little about the latter, PDM is a month-long series of events hosted by the department that are geared around helping students and recent alumni prepare for and excel at communications-related careers. Themes are centered around topics such as interviewing techniques, networking tips, improving your digital media literacy, speed pitching, advice on starting your own business, etc.

As a recent alum trying to break into the professional workforce, these events have been immensely helpful in making meaningful connections/networking with communications faculty, peers, and professionals. Some of the professionals/mentors I’ve met so far include Art Thiel (sports journalist and cofounder of Sportspress NW), Candice Douglas (Director of Marketing and Communications for the UW’s College of Arts & Sciences), Elise Daniel (Head of UW Marketing) and Priya Frank (Individual Giving Coordinator for the UW World Series).

A fellow peer Krista Staudinger who writes for the UW News Lab (and ironically shares my first name) recently did a well written article about the kick off of the PDM events. You can find me in the background of the related photo and Krista also mentions me in her story —> Professional Development Month Kicks Off

There I am in the background, they happened to capture me at the refreshment table! =p

This past week’s snowstorm has unfortunately put a hold to some of the PDM events, forcing them to be cancelled or rescheduled. The show is back on for week 3, with many workshops I am excited for! The first is 1/23’s “International Opportunities” workshop about working/living abroad. Some others I plan to attend include (but not limited to):

  •  “How Media Work” —led by Lucas Mack (4th Ave Media) on presenting professional media projects
  • “How to Become a More Powerful Speaker” —led by Mary Anne Dorward (CEO My Real Voice)
  •  Mentor Lunch—with Stacey Engle the Director of Marketing (Fierce Inc.)


  • “Meet the Movers and Shakers in PR” —when I saw this one, it was a given that I would attend!

To learn more about the events and/or the professionals leading them, visit the UW Com Website

Healthy Foods Around the Holidays!

9 Dec I love bananas the 1st day it goes from green to yellow, hate when they're bruised and now this explains why lol

I love bananas the 1st day it goes from green to yellow, hate when they're bruised and now this explains why lol

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas right around the corner this is usually the time of year I over indulge in my favorite holiday treats, which does major damage to the meaning of the food pyramid and portion control. I came across this article today titled “The 13 Most Powerful Superfoods” and what I noticed was different about this list is that it explained why similar lists such as these created by nutrition “experts”  will differ but also overlap in their selections. The article mentions:

“Because every food provides something different: Some are a rich source of protein or fiber but void of many vitamins and minerals, while others contain disease-fighting phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, but no protein. The trick, claim experts, is to get a variety of the best foods. ” READ THE FULL THING HERE

I wanted to think of ways to incorporate these “superfoods” into some of my holiday meal options to work in some much needed extra nutrition this winter, especially foods high vitamin D (since we’re going to be lacking sun/warmth in Seattle the next 4-5months. Of the 13, those on the list that seem to blend well with my usual holiday meal options included avocados, apples, cabbage, red wine, dark chocolate.

Here are my thoughts on how to add these 5 items to your favorite dish:

1. Avocados– The holidays are all about family, fun and festivities and that usually means lots of indoor activities like parties and watching football/basketball games with friends. One essential dish for any gathering is chips and dip in which an avocado dip could be added to (or substituted for) the regular salsa option. The article notes that avocados are high in fat but it’s healthy monounsaturated fat and are linked to eye and skin health.

2. Apples- You know the old saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, and seeing how I’m a Washington native where apples it must be ingrained in me to love them—which I happen to. My favorite types are Fuji and Granny Smith and although I often cut off the skin because I prefer the inside I just learned that it is actually the healthiest part.  

Apple pies are a holiday favorite in many American households (peach cobbler takes the cake in mine) and one way to tweek your recipe is to put fresh cut up apples on top of your slice and use fat fresh vanilla ice cream or opt for frozen vanilla yogurt instead when you make your apple pie a la mode.

3.Red Wine-  Again with the holiday parties, most aren’t complete without a little bit of wine and although I usually opt for white wine 9 times out of 10 (because I prefer a sweeter taste) I may opt for a red glass more often after learning it contains powerful antioxidants and has cardiovascular benefits.

4. Dark Chocolate- I think chocolate is A delicious treat to go with your wine, and apparently dark chocolate high in cacao has fewer calories than other varieties. Brownies and chocolate chip cookies have always been a couple of my favorites to make around the holidays (I’m a baker by nature) and using dark chocolate instead of milk would be an interesting change up. Also, topping my chocolate desserts with chopped almonds instead of the usual walnuts or pecans that my mom requests would be a bonus since they made number 9 on the superfood list.

Here are some healthy chocolate tips and recipes from 

5.Cabbage- This Brassica leaf (along with brocolli and bok choy) is essential in that it contains compounds called indoles which have been linked with lowering risks for cancer dramatically. I saved this for last because this rounds up the end of the holiday season at my house since my mom (and many other Southern households) cooks it as a New Year’s tradition—along with black eyed peas and cornbread because together the meal symbolizes luck and prosperity. Who wouldn’t want that for the new year?

I-1183, Where Do You Stand?

4 Nov


Nov. 8th Election!

I usually don’t talk about politics on my blog, but a particular issue on this year’s ballot has really caught my attention. If you live in Washington State, watch television or use social media regularly you probably guessed it, it’s I-1183!

Those who are voting yes on the Initiative say it will privatize the distribution and sale of liquor in Washington state, and provide hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues to state and local governments, and benefit Washington consumers, taxpayers and businesses — while strengthening regulations governing the sale of liquor. It also updates some laws regulating the wholesale distribution of wine (i.e. Costco).

Those in favor of a no vote say that one giant corporation is attempting to take over the state’s liquor system in order to make money, which completely ignores last year’s NO vote that over 1 million Washingtonians cast against liquor privatization measures. Their goal? Big corporate profits that jeopardize our public safety and put our communities at risk. They say it as another risky plan that will lead to more underage drinking and driving, since they claim 1 out of 4 convenient stores sell to minors.


YES on Initiative 1183 supporters say it will remove state government from the business of distributing and selling liquor – allowing the state to focus on enforcement of liquor laws
Their key focus claims to be on education, health care, and public safety. 

YES on I-1183 —Get the Facts Video

NO on Initiative 1183 supporters say this initiative will authorize—almost overnight—five times as many retailers. That means a nearly 50% increase in consumption, and an even larger increase in problem drinking, according to a Centers for Disease Control analysis. They claim their #1 standpoint is to “protect our communities” and that Initiative 1183 is still too high a price for a little more convenience.

NO on I-1183— Make the Responsible Choice Video

SO WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH??? Or better yet, which outcome would ACTUALLY do a better job at protecting our children and communities?

Naturally, several websites, Facebook groups, and YOUTube videos have sprouted for Washingtonians to voice their raw opinions regarding 1-1183:

Facebook- Yes on 1183


Facebook- NO on 1183

No on I-1183- WEBSITE

I, along with everyone else will be voting and anxiously waiting for the Nov. 8th election, a decision that could have potential huge changes and consequences to our state!

What do YOU think???

The Day After Halloween

1 Nov

Apparently Christmas isn’t the only time for lights, LOVED the creativity and spunk in this video!

On a more serious note, the current “Occupy Wall Street” controversy that has stormed the nation has definitely hit downtown Seattle HARD. Passing by Westlake Center this past Sunday, I was shocked to see  an illuminated jack-o-lantern display taking over the area!

#occupyseattle jack-o-lantern display

#occupyseattle continues to trend on Twitter, and today I received an email as I’ve been part of a local social activism listserve since my freshman year of college. The message read:

Dear Seattle MoveOn member,

Tell Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn that First Amendment rights cannot and must not be superseded by local or state law.

That’s why I created a petition to Mayor McGinn on, which says:

We demand that you call off the police and that Occupy Seattle be allowed to exercise free speech and voice its opposition to corporate control by demonstrating in Westlake Park, which is in the city center where the targets of these protests—the multi-national corporations and banks—are located. We demand no restrictions on First Amendment rights to assemble, including attempts to seek protection from the weather, any time—day or night.

The Group has an online petition for people to sign, man would my 1st Amendment Professor at the University of Washington be interested in how the mayor is going to justify his use of police force during what is supposed to be a peaceful protest.

I always take a second the day after major events or holidays to reflect on what occurred the day before, in this example Halloween. Went to Bartell’s to get some snacks today, and was not surprised to already see Thanksgiving and Christmas items taking over the aisles. Guess this is also the best day of the year to actually buy and eat candy, the prices were abnormally cheap!

Day After Halloween Candy Discounts

BUT, flashing back to my sophomore year of college I remembered the two miserable root-canal experiences I had, and opted to not take advantage of the deals, not until I get a job with medical benefits at least lol

Happy Hump Day!

26 Oct

It’s been about a month since my last post, I know shame on me. Fact is I’ve been extremely busy with my career search, the life of job applications and a series of interviews has been truly draining and as my mom says “is a job within itself”. Boy was mom ever right lol.

I wanted to take a second to do a mid-week check up on what has been happening in my neck of the woods where I live, Seattle. The closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct has affected a large majority of King County in some shape or form, especially those traveling through Seattle on a daily basis. Heading out to work Monday morning my route seemed unfazed by the closure, but my evening return home was another story! My route yesterday taking 2 Sound Transit busses from Edmonds to the U District took almost an hr 1/2! Here’s a picture of my view from the 45th St. Bridge in the U District.

View of downtown Seattle from the 45th St. Bridge in the U District 10/25/11 during the Alaskan Way Viaduct closure

I wondered why the commuting traffic was so much worse in the afternoon/evening than in the morning which a Seattle PI article attributed to more people leaving the office at once, and not as much staggered commuting as during the morning.

Of course the city is using this opportunity to promote the use of alternative commuting methods during these ten days. Drivers are encouraged to take the water taxi, public transportation or to carpool during this second round of construction Oct 21st-31st.

The Seattle P.I. did a story about the closure on their site:Viaduct Closure- Round 2

We’re halfway through, let’s see if more people jump on the public transportation bandwagon, you may actually find you like the money and time you spend on gas/driving! Sit back, relax, and let someone drive you for a change.

A Few of My Favorite Blogs

23 Sep

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about PR (or any other fast-paced industry for that matter) is that it’s important to stay in “the know” about anything from technology to relevant job skills because these things are always changing. Blogs are also an ideal way to read things that are not only professionally related to you like industry news or business news but personally as well such as fitness or fashion. In this day and age almost everyone has a busy schedule so a quick and interesting way to do so is to subscribe to blogs relevant to your interests and career field because you can read them on the go via internet! A few of my favorites are listed below:

1. LinkedIn- Linkedin calls itself a website where you can  “Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities”. They offer a service where you can receive the top network updates for the week that are relevant to that profession. Since I have mine filtered for PR/Communications related stories, for that network this particular week has articles with titles such as “Social Media is a Waste of Time” and “Why Do Some People Learn Faster?” To view this week’s stories and others view here!

LinkedIn Blog

2. HerCampus.Com- HerCampus calls itself “A Collegiette’s Guide to Life” and is basically a site that sends weekly emails with tips/contests/stories relevant to women in college. This week features an interesting story titled “Ten People You Will Meet in College” you can read it here:

Teen People You Will Meet in College

3. PR News Online- Their site claims it’s “For Effective Communicators” PR News is one of the biggest blogs for everything PR with everything from job postings, event announcements and stories about all things related to communication. They currently are advertising for PR News’ “Twitter Conference” Nov. 10th in Las Vegas that will teach PR tactics, tools & techniques for maximizing their Twitter experience and gain more followers.

Check out the blog below:

PR News Online

A Quick Laugh to End Seattle’s Summer

16 Sep

As Summer is winding down, so is the temperature in Seattle—quite drastically actually! My brother showed me this funny comic the other day titled “The 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather” that I think any true Seattleite could relate to. See it on the here: The 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather or see it below!